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The classic freeware image viewer reborn. Sleek, completely redesigned thumbnail
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3 March 2009

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The growing passion for photography and availability of various technological mechanism has given new dimension to every possible aspect of it. It has not only affected how photos are clicked, stored, edited or displayed but also how it is viewed. Gone are the days when a person had to organize exhibitions to showcase their works to the world, however, now there are websites and social networking sites that offer a wonderful platform for all this. But along with the availability of these platforms there is also a need of perfect photo viewer software that highlights and presents images in a better manner. There are huge number of photo viewers are available but they provide limited facilities. However, with One Cat Viewer Free 5.0 one can do a lot of things with their images and present them perfectly.

This is a classic freeware for viewing various images with just few clicks. This tool has redesigned the thumbnail viewer and has created support for video, full screen view, slide show, printing, image conversion and much more. This new version of image viewer tool has also added various thumbnail layouts, new formats like Adobe Photoshop, high powered tool for image enhancements. Also there is a new image cache that allows changing of thumbnail size more quickly helping to zoom in/out in more efficient way. One Cat Viewer Free 5.0 also offers the facility of one click image improvement option. The power users get additional facilities like custom filters, histogram controls and many more as advanced tool. In this tool, pictures can be saved in various popular formats such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG and so on. The user interface has very few yet capable of doing lot of tasks options which makes the tasks very easy and less complicated for the user. Anyone can make the required changes in the images and make them presentable.

This three star rated software tool has endless possibilities and yes it costs nothing. Thus, a popular and favorite among many users.

Publisher's description

The classic freeware image viewer reborn. Sleek, completely redesigned thumbnail viewer with support for slide shows, full screen viewing, video, image conversion, printing, and more. Version 5.0 adds video, multiple thumbnail layouts, powerful image enhancement tools, more formats (such as Adobe Photoshop), and a new redesigned image cache provides the ability to quickly change between thumbnail sizes so you can "zoom" in and out on your directory to find the image you are looking for.
Besides your basic rotations and flips, a whole array of single click image enhancements are available. All can be applied to the entire image or to the area of the image you select with the selection tools, so you can zero in on the problem. For power users, an advanced enhancements tool is available with histogram controls, custom filters, and more.
Another nice new feature of version 5 is the ability to change the layout of the viewer using the thumbnail layout dropdown.

Due to popular demand, video capability is back in One Cat Viewer. One Cat Viewer taps the power of Microsoft's Windows Media Player engine to display video right along with your images. Video will even play along with your slide shows! Thumbnails will show up right along with your images.
If you have way too many images, One Cat Viewer be placed in a sampling mode, which chooses a small number of images distributed throughout each directory and only shows those thumbnails. Its easy to turn off and on and is indespensible in searching through large image collections quickly, getting a solid idea of what is in each directory without having to scroll through them. This is one addictive feature you will not know how you did without!
Need to convert an image into another format? One Cat Viewer can handle that. Images can be saved in the JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more. You can also resize its dimensions.
One Cat Viewer Free
One Cat Viewer Free
Version 5.0
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works a treat - all you need for efficient directory browsing (I use it for wmf files); runs without problems on vista, and no spyware/virus detected.
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